Welcome to the home page of Michael Gelman, folk dance teacher and his Transylvanian Tanzhaus.

Here you will have a chance to meet Michael Gelman, see his folk dance repertoire and learn the history of his Transylvanian house.

You can see the location of the property, see architectural plans for building the house, and have a chance to see the progress of the construction, beginning with the beautiful Hungarian style wooden fence that is so typical of the area.

Also you will see the land on which the house is being built, the village of Sîngeorgiu de Mures near the city of Tîrgu Mures and the surrounding Transylvanian scenery. You will have a glimpse of some friends and local life as well as festivals and even a traditional wedding.

You may like to come visit the house as a patron, and learn about the folk life and folk dances of this rich cultural area from a master teacher of the dances.

You may contact Michael Gelman for additional information.

Michael's Transylvanian Tanzhaus as of June 2009 

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